Plan An Entertaining And Still Educational Trip To Austin, Texas

Austin is the state capital of Texas and it is a very popular destination among tourists in the US. It is a very special town and the people here are very aware of the risk they take if they let the businesses develop irresponsible. It is important to help the economy grow, but not while harming the environment.

This is the reason why in Austin the diversity and the eccentricity are supported, as long as these plans don’t damage the natural landscapes and the local cultural heritage. As a result, a local came with a motto and it has stuck for many years: “Keep Austin Weird”. This motto is bringing people from all over the world in Austin and if you are one of them, there are a few interesting and exciting things to do here:

Start with a visit on memory lane

Austin has started developing very fast in the last years and as long as the natural and the historical aspects of the city are preserved, this is a good thing.

However, the native citizens dream of the olden days, when Austin was quiet, when there was no traffic and the life was calmer. Those were the days when people were bohemians and their main activity was listening to good music in the most beautiful gardens or bars.

Even if those days are gone, you can start your trip in Austin recreating that life style. Austin is still known as the international capital of live music and you can still find beautiful places where you can enjoy a few hours of relaxing live music.

Try one of Austin’s festivals

Every year, in Austin, hundreds of cultural events are put together for all the locals and the tourists to enjoy. Some are more popular than others, and some of them have become popular nationwide. The local festivals are loved and people come from all over the country in Austin just for them.

Through the most popular we have to mention: the Austin City Limits Music Festival, the Austin Gay Pride, the O. Henry Pun-off contest, the Kite festival and many others.

Music is a big part of Austin

Austin is considered The Live Music Capital of the World and the city stands up to this title year after year. There is no other city in the US with so many live music venues and this makes Austin one of a kind. Many years ago, it was known for the beautiful music you can enjoy here and it is still keeping its reputation in this busy and technologized world.

The 6th Street is well known for all its nightclubs and this is the main point of interest for the ones who visit Austin for its musical reputation. This street, together with the South by Southwest Festival, brings many tourists every year and they are thrilled by the downtown, where all the restaurants and the bars are surrounded by beautiful live music.

But you will not just listen to beautiful live music; you will eat delicious food as well, accompanied by the best drinks. In the downtown you can find as many alcohol-serving bars and restaurants as you wish, one for each and every taste.

If you are planning a trip to Austin, a good idea is to schedule it during the fall and synchronize it with the Austin City Limits Music Festival. This is the longest running concert on American television and it is a pity not to experience it if you are planning to visit Austin.

Other popular attractions

But Austin isn’t known just for the music events, there are many film festivals that you should visit, like the SXSW Film Festival or the Austin Film Festival. Moreover, the museums are numerous and extremely beautiful and educational. However, if you aren’t an arts lover, don’t forget about sports. You can buy a ticket at an NBA game and the Austin Spurs will defiantly make a good impression.

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