Celebrate New Year’s Eve On Rainey Street For An Authentic Austin Experience

New Year’s Eve is approaching quickly and many people have already decided and organized that night. Parties, festive meals, celebrating in the city center, at the cabana, there are many possibilities, but not everyone can decide so early what they are going to do. For all these people, who are still wondering where they will be on New Year ’s Eve, know that Austin offers you great last minute choices.

Rainey Street in a historic area in downtown Austin, very popular because of all the historical houses which were transformed into restaurants, pubs, bars and other public places in the last years. This historic district was added to the National Register of Historic Places, because over 30 houses are over 80 years old. The style of the houses, most of them being bungalows, gives the street a historic character and makes it one of a kind and loved by tourists.

Rainey Street is the best place to celebrate New Year’s Eve. First of all, this historic district has a one of a kind charm that will make you go back in time and learn how to enjoy yourself without thinking about our busy lives; and second of all, on Rainey Street you can find all sorts of places, for every taste and budget, where you definitely will have a great night.

Try a smokeout party for New Year’s Eve

Every year, Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden organizes a New Year’s Eve Smokeout. Your entire family is invited here and the delicious food will please both the young and the old. You will feast on lobster sausages, smoke prime ribs, potato and bacon gratin and grilled Swiss chard. The delicious smoked meat will be accompanied by over 100 types of beers, golden cider and of course, pecan stout. This menu will make you New Year’s Eve a hit and you will start the New Year with a smile on your face. And to make everything even more perfect, the prices are affordable and the party will last all night long, starting with 8pm.

Choose a charitable party and start the year helping others

If you want to start the New Year in a more unique manner, by helping others, choose a party that has a charitable purpose. On Rainey Street you will definitely find a place that will offer you a classic and fabulous New Year’s Eve party which will end with a silent auction meant to help the underprivileged. At Lustre Pearl, a few years ago, the African Children’s Choir performed for a better future.

Celebrate on the dance floor

Half Step is one bar that transforms the New Year’s Eve party into a real celebration on the dance floor. The music will be well chosen and the appetizers will come along with many glasses of champagne and punch.

NO VA Kitchen & Bar for an exquisite party

If you want to party classier, but dance away the first night of the New Year, you should choose NO VA. This is the place for the ones who like to be stylish and start the year surrounded by luxury and gourmet food. The evening will start with a special risotto, but the starts of the night are the desserts, chocolate cake with passion fruit, chocolate mouse or pear donut. However, the night will not be complete without countless bottles of champagne and live music.

In conclusion, if you didn’t know what to do in Austin on New Year’s Eve, there are many places of Rainey Street you can choose from. This is the best area in town and from this old street the fireworks will look more beautiful than ever.