Rainey Street,The Best Place To Relax At Every Moment Of The Day

Did it ever happen to you to want to drink a glass of wine and all the bars to be closed?

In Austin this will never happen, because at every moment of the day, on Rainey Street, a beautiful bar is opened and the most polite waiter will walk you in and bring you that glass of cold and delicious wine.

rainey street

Rainey Street is one of the most popular streets in Austin Texas, because it is situated in the historic district and all the old and beautiful bungalows were transformed into welcoming restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Tourists love this place, because it is animated all day long and you can find whenever you want an open bar or restaurant that will suit your preferences.

This is the best place you should try if you want to eat a real meal; it will become your favorite restaurant. However, if you want to come in just for a drink, you will love the bar services. You can even consider it a music venue, because every week popular singers are entertaining the guests.

At the Banger’s Sausage House & Beer Garden you will find the best beer and smoked meat

One great advantage about Banger’s is its schedule. You can come here even for a late-breakfast, because it opens at 11am. It doesn’t matter how early or how late it is, you can eat here the best homemade sausages, prime rib, beef jerky and many other delicious dishes, including homemade pickles; and this great food will go wonderful with one of the 104 types of beers Banger’s boasts with.

“It doesn’t go” with the historic district

NO VA Kitchen & Bar is one new restaurant opened on Rainey Street. “NO VA” comes from Spanish and it means “it doesn’t go” and this is true, because the modern building doesn’t blend in with the rest of the traditional houses on Rainey. If you like a sophisticated menu and a minimalistic environment, this is the place for you. But even if the place is different, the Austin’s sunshine makes the place glow and the fresh atmosphere will make you come back.

The schedule here is a bit different than the other restaurant and bars, because it depends on the day of the week. Therefore, know that they are serving dinner, a Sunday supper, and late night snacks and don’t forget about the happy hour. Every week from Tuesday to Saturday you can enjoy a perfect dinner at NO VA, starting with 6pm and ending at 11pm.

The late night snack is available just Friday and Saturday, from 11pm to 12am and if you are in a party mood, the happy hour is every day from 6pm to 7pm. Don’t forget about special Sunday and the supper which starts at 6pm and ends at 11pm.

Choose Bar 96 if you want a long night out

If you are free the next day or if you are enjoying your holiday, you can choose Bar 96 because it stays opened until 2am. You can enjoy the flat screen TVs, the sport games and the wonderful chilling ambiance, while you try one of the best Texas beers.

If it is Sunday and your favorite team is playing, here is the place where you should take your friends and support your team from behind the flat screen. It opens at 2pm during the week and a few hours earlier in the weekend, so you will have as long as you want to relax and have fun with your friends.