10 Stages of a Good Night on Rainey Street… Told in GIFs

1. Heading to Rainey St. with your friends.

zoolander GIF

2. You get there and realize there are NO lines to get in the bars.

Dancing GIF

3. Getting a drink from the bar.

bar GIF

4. Find out that cute girl already has a boyfriend.

jim carrey GIF

5. Attempting to have a conversation with your friends only to realize they may be drunk.

6. They’re asking you to get another drink.

ryan gosling gif

7. You realize your friends have gone to another bar so you call them.

Taken Movie GIF

8. Having the best food trailer food at the Rainey Street Food court.

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9. The next morning…. you’re hungover.

10. When you realize you didn’t spend that much and actually got the cute girl’s phone number.

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