There is a Nightclub In Austin For Every Taste And We Will Help You Discover It

Being named the “Live Music Capital of the World”, Austin has to stand up for its name. Therefore, at every hour of the day or of the night, there is a club, a bar or a restaurant in Austin where wonderful live music is played.

You can come to Austin and find a nightclub according to your taste, because just in the downtown you can find hundreds of clubs and bars and one of them will be defined for you.

The most popular nightclubs are the place to be

If you like what is modern and trending, you can try the most popular nightclubs and you will definitely have a blast.

The White Horse

The White Horse has a long history: from a neighborhood bar it became one of the best bars in town, because the music is good and the prices are fair.
the white horse
With a rock atmosphere, with good live music, with enough space to dance, a patio and a pool, it brings together all the locals and the tourists who want to have a night to remember. Moreover, the drinks aren’t expensive and there are no cover charges.

The Broken Spoke

Another popular club is the Broken Spoke. Here you can listen to country music and dance all night long. It is a fun place where you can enjoy a night dancing and laughing with your friends.
the broken spoke
Moreover, you can visit the little museum “the Tourist Trap” and then try a chicken fried steak. And if you really love the place, you can come back and take a dancing lesson.


The third popular club is Speakeasy. It runs in the Warehouse District, a historic location in downtown Austin. This club has three areas: the Music Lounge, the Mezzanine and the Rooftop Lounge Terrace 59, each with its specific theme.

For jazz lovers – the Elephant Room

Being known for its live music for so long, you have to be sure that in Austin you will find the best jazz bar.

The Elephant Room

Elephant Room was voted the “Best Jazz Bar” in Austin and if you like this genre you have to save a night for this unique place.
the elephant room
The club has its own personality, it is situated below street level and seven nights a week the intimate atmosphere will be waiting for you starting with 9pm. This is the best place to take your partner for a romantic night out and a glass of delicious wine.

The dance clubs will make your trip a hit

If you are visiting Austin, you should take advantage of every moment here and don’t waste your time sleeping. Therefore, after visiting all day the wonderful museums and after a great steak, you should try a dance club. The music, the lights and the rhythms will give you energy to party all night long. The best DJs in the country come in Austin to entertain the crowds and you can find a club for each and every taste.

Red Fez, Barcelona and Spill

Red Fez, Barcelona and Spill are three of the top dance clubs you can try. The music is perfect, you will dance all night long and the drinks are affordable and delicious. Oilcan Harry’s and Rain are also two popular clubs among the gay crowds. Different DJs are invited to entertain every weekend the guests and even for a more thrilling night out, themed parties are organized from time to time.

All in all, Austin is a great city to visit. It offers you history, nature, great food and great fun as well. The nightclubs are divers and well managed and the owners will do everything they can to make you feel perfect.

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