Lucille Patio Lounge

Lucille is a charming renovated 1920’s bar in Austin’s Rainey Street district. The décor is a departure from the rest of Rainey bars.

Lucille’s sexy lighting, chandeliers and atmosphere are what bring you in but the drinks and friendly staff are what will keep you in.

Drinks are exquisite made with fresh fruits and ingredients and local handcrafted liquors. If you want to experience a chill day or evening come to our outdoor patio bar and hang out on our hammocks.

It is rumored that in the 1920s a sassy flapper girl named Lucille inhabited the residence. The house was used over the years for late night entertaining, music, and dancing. Lucille ran off with a handsome successful business man and hasn’t been seen since. The mystique of Lucille bar is legendary.


Address: 77 Rainey Street Austin, Texast 78701